Is the course safe for strollers or wheelchairs?

Unfortunately, no. This is a cross-country course with gravel, wooded sections, roots, and hills.  It is not advised to do the course pushing or pulling anything wheeled.  If you have a special circumstance, please contact us at the email or address in the footer.

Is the course safe for strollers or wheelchairs?2019-02-10T19:42:18-05:00

Is the event rain or shine?

Yes.  The event is rain or shine and there is no rain date for the event.  If conditions are dangerous, we will cancel the race for everyone's safety.  If only parts of the course are impassible, we will our best to bypass those areas in order to proceed with the event.

Is the event rain or shine?2019-01-20T23:32:24-05:00

Can I take my dog on the course?

The short answer is no.  While Carousel is normally a great place to walk the trails with your dog, with over 200 people on the course at the same time having multiple dogs and leashing is too dangerous.  We also do not want to disrupt anyone running for their best race time.  Dogs are welcome at the park but they are not allowed on

Can I take my dog on the course?2019-01-20T23:19:06-05:00

Can I walk it?

Absolutely!  We welcome all speeds!!  We know many people come to enjoy the trails and help us in our mission to support the horses of the Mounted Patrol.  Thank you!  Others come because they don't get many chances to run a quality cross-country 5K course like the one at Carousel and they want to challenge the course and try for a great personal time. 

Can I walk it?2019-01-20T23:13:43-05:00
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