The Friends of the Mounted Patrol (FMP) is a group of private citizens who work on a volunteer basis to support the New Castle County (NCC) Police Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU).  We believe that the Mounted Patrol Unit is an essential component in the NCC Police department’s law enforcement efforts and provides a unique opportunity for proactive policing and connecting with the community.  Formed in 2009 when the Unit was in jeopardy due to budget cuts, we continue to be committed to informing the public about the necessity of the Unit and to raising funds to support the ongoing needs of the active duty Unit and its retired horses.

Group photo of the Friends of the Mounted Patrol and Mounted Patrol Unit at their courtyard home at Carousel Park

Provided Equipment and Services

The FMP has provided a number of essential items to the Mounted Patrol Unit including:

  • Two new horses, Zeep and Junior, and their equipment and transportation from Missouri
  • Boarding fees for the horses at national competitions
  • A large run-in shed / shelter for some of the Mounted horse fields
  • Six custom saddles to replace the old, badly worn ones and associated tack
  • Saddles and girths for the three Clydesdales that arrived in 2013
  • Formal parade leads
  • Bridles and breast plates
  • New Field Halters

What We’ve Done

We have held major fundraising events at Carousel Park, Wilmington, and have appeared at many venues related to the MPU in order to spread awareness of our mission.  With the support of the New Castle County Police, volunteers assist with the physical care of the horses as well as work aggressively on fundraising endeavors.  To date, raised funds total over $100,000!

We greatly appreciate any support you can give the Friends of the Mounted Patrol in our mission to preserve the full operation of the New Castle County Police Mounted Patrol Unit.  Please read more about how you can help!